Very Nice 20 - 21.04.2024, Nice, France

Last tournaments

Luxembourg Greater Region & BeNeLux Cup Online 2021


Grand Premium 2021

02-04.07.2021 Platja de Aro, Barcelona

IX Чемпіонату світу серед українських діаспорних команд з футболу Матч за 3-тє місце

28.08.2021, Ірпінь

IX Чемпіонату світу серед українських діаспорних команд з футболу Фінал

28.08.2021, Ірпінь


12 - 14.11.2021, м.Харків

Різдвяні зіроньки-2021

20-22.12.2021 м.Київ

Winter Queen Cup 2022

29.01.2022 - 30.01.2022, Platja de Aro, Barcelona

Grand Premium 2022

30.06-03.07.2022, Platja de Aro, Barcelona

Golden Cup 2022

Platja d’Aro Costa Brava, Spain 7–9 October 2022


Ghent, BELGIUM, 11-13.11.2022

Winter Cup Leverkusen 2022

09 - 10.12.2022 Leverkusen, Germany


Platja d’Aro, Spain 28th-29th of January, 2023

EGN NY International Krate Open 2023

USA, New York, Mar 4, 2023

Cervizzi's Martial Arts Extravaganza Invitational Tournament

March 26, 2023, USA, Boston, Massachusetts

Ocean State Grand Nationals

March 31 - April 02, 2023, Providence, USA

Treveris Cup 2023

04 April 2023 Trier, Germany

Very Nice – 2023

April 22-23, Nice, France


May 06 - 07, Arles sur Tech, France


27 - 28.05.2023, м. Київ

Wings оf Victory 2023

червень 09 - 11, м.Київ

Золота мрія - 2023

30 - 01.10.2023, м. Київ

Золота осінь 2023

05 - 08.10.2023 м.Здолбунів

Чемпіонат Києва

14.2023, м. Київ


14.10.2023, Київ

Командний Чемпіонат України

25-26.10.2023, м. Ужгород

Кубок України

25-27.10.2023, м. Ужгород


27-29.10.2023, м. Ужгород

Victory Cup

09-11.11.2023, м.Одеса

Golden Cup

11-12.11.2023, м.Київ

Спорт, музика, грація - крок до перемоги

18-19.11.2023, м.Київ

Dnipro Grace

24 - 26.11.2023, м. Дніпро

Золота Перлина

08 - 10.12.2023, м. Київ

Класифікаційний чемпіонат міста Києва

16 - 17.12.2023

Snow Queen

20-22.12.2023, м. Одеса

Зимова зірка

16-18.02.2024, м. Буча

Olympic Dream - 2024

23 - 24.03.2024 Київська область

KYIV Open Cup

28 - 31.03.2024, Київ

Чемпіонат України з естетичної групової гімнастики

29-31.03.2024 м. Дніпро

Принцеса Лебідь

04-07.04.2024, м. Біла Церква


Examples of video shooting

Single Camera

The shooting is carried out by the average and general plan, depending on the element performed by the gymnast, from one point, from the most favorable angle - from the side of the referee brigade

With two cameras

It is made only by prior order, if there is a technical possibility. The shooting is carried out by two cameras from the side of the referee's team, later the plans for choosing the two cameras with the most favorable angle are chosen.

Group performances

Multicamera shooting only on advance order, if there is a technical capability. The shooting is performed by a medium and a general plan, one camera, or can be performed by two or more cameras from the most favorable angle - from the side of the refereeing team. cameras the most profitable foreshortening.

Awarding participants

The video of the gymnasts' awards is published in youtube on the Karinbutan channel after the tournament is over for free. Channel subscribers are notified of new videos.


Short trailers that are containing an upcoming event. The tournament music video: is the best way to convey the ambiance and thrill of a tournament, to highlight the scope of the holiday, to demonstrate and as well as to accentuate the mastery skills of children, to honor generous sponsors.


Videos containing basic information about the tournament: performance of the competition, demonstration performances, awarding participants, advertising media support, information about the organizers.


To attract attention to the tournament are published in the shortest time possible in youtube on the Karinbutan channel.


They can be published as independent stories, and also used in overview reports.


They are held in youtube on the Karinbutan channel and / or on the main page of this site.This is carried out as from one camera, so there can be organized and multicameral broadcast.It is possible to overlay titles, logos of the tournament organizers, as well as showing repetitions of the best moments of the performance of the gymnast at once at its end, advertising sponsors.


A gymnast's Promo Music Video is the best way and the surest fast track to represent a gymnast's achievements by glory moments. The clip includes performances in one or several tournaments, it may also include featured elements of a warm-up, a rewarding ceremony, etc.


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